Prevention Programs

Tumwater HOPES utilizes evidence-based and innovative programs with valued community partners to promote youth health and well-being.

Big Brothers Big Sisters Mentoring Program

In collaboration with the Boys and Girls Club, Big Brothers, Big Sisters delivers both traditional and youth-to-youth mentoring programs in Tumwater. The innovative youth-to-youth model of connecting teens with younger kids is designed to help youth reach their potential through the development of supportive relationships, while the traditional model connects adult mentors with youth mentees. Beneficial to both the “Bigs” and the “Littles”, this program focuses on positive youth development, not specific problems. The Big acts as a role model and provides guidance to the Little through a relationship that is based on trust and caring. The paired matches meet regularly at the Tumwater Boys and Girls Club and Peter G. Schmidt Elementary School.

Positive Action

In partnership with Washington State University Thurston County Extension 4-H, the Positive Action 4-H club provides 1st, 3rd, and 5th-grade students with an evidence-based program to strengthen children’s physical, intellectual, social, and emotional areas—the whole self. Supplemented by 4-H experiential activities, Positive Action develops social-emotional and character skills and encourages youth to put them into Positive Action. The Social Development Model provides kids opportunities to develop skills and gives them recognition within clear behavior standards, which supports healthy child development and bonding.

Prevention-Intervention Specialist and Project Success

ESD 113 and the Tumwater School District provide the Student Assistance Program at Bush Middle School. Nasca Merrilees, the Prevention-Intervention Specialist, uses the research-based program Project Success to provide valuable school-based prevention and intervention services that support students in groups and as individuals. Early intervention benefits show reductions in substance use, being in trouble at school, skipping school, suspensions, hitting or hurting someone, being in a physical fight, and being arrested.

What is Prevention?

Prevention is the action of stopping something from happening or arising.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

Ben Franklin

There are three types of prevention that Tumwater HOPES is involved in:

  1. Universal prevention activities target everyone. For example, City ordinances about marijuana billboards and advertising.
  2. Selective prevention activities target people who are at higher risk.  For example, a parenting class for parents of middle schoolers.
  3. Indicated prevention activities are designed for people that are already showing danger signs. For example, the Prevention-Intervention Specialist at the school.

Campaigns & Initiatives

Prescription Drug Take-Back and Safe Storage Programs

Tumwater HOPES encourages participation in prescription drug take-back programs by using the safe medication return lockbox located at the Tumwater Police Department on National Prescription Drug Take-Back Days. Tumwater HOPES encourages disposing of unused, unwanted, or expired medications at a safe medication return location near you. Storing medications and retail marijuana in a secure location or a home medication lock box reduces the risk of children, youth, and teens accidentally or misusing medication intentionally.

Washington State Opioid Prevention Media Campaign | “Starts with One”

Tumwater HOPES conducts radio campaigns to educate the community about the dangers of opioids and promote simple steps they can take to prevent opioid misuse in their families and community. Talking with your kids about drugs can be tough, but your influence and those conversations can make a big difference. Check out this parent toolkit for ideas about how to start and keep talking with your kids as they grow.

Environmental Consultation to Communities

Tumwater HOPES is active in researching marijuana and vaping billboards and advertisement placement on Tumwater school bus and walking routes and near schools. Tumwater HOPES works with key stakeholders to interpret the collected data with the goal of improving and enforcing existing advertising codes and laws to protect Tumwater youth.

Talk. They Hear You.

Tumwater HOPES promotes “Talk. They Hear You.” through radio campaigns and distribution of print materials. This Underage Drinking Prevention National Media Campaign empowers parents and caregivers to talk with children early about alcohol and other drug use.